Friday, January 20, 2012

20 January

It is interesting to BE reminded of our former selves. To actually see a picture of ourself that WE cannot remember is a curious thing. While we KNOW it is, indeed, ourself, we are incapable of wrapping our mind round this fact.

Over the next several days I will BE using a whole lot of what humans call their "baby pictures" to inspire me. MayBE you would like to play along???

Here's how: find a picture of a young you, as young as you can find, though I know you may NOT have any "baby pictures" on hand.

Then, spend a little time with your picture. If you can edit it somehow, like this one of me that was so out of focus, notice how that experience feels inside you. How it is to rearrange the past simply by altering a photograph.

Notice your feelings. Listen to your thoughts. Then, mayBE, create something that holds onto those thoughtsandfeelings while reminding you that you've come a long way since then...


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