Monday, March 19, 2012

19 March

This is one smile
One you reserve for
Very Special
And this one
Was for Hansi
Who came over to play
That day
And boy did you enJOY him!!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm loving Grace, as you show her each day. I am in awe that you have so many awesome photos of her.

I'm so glad my AB classes aren't boring OR too long. I know if I had a camera that shot video, it would probably be better for some, but I actually like what I'm doing better. At least I am not tempted to edit out any mistakes I might make. Like you said, that is a problem for many who actually like realism, something I am obviously fond of! Thanks again, and I look forward to your getting on track.

Carolyn Dube said...

Another fabulous photo!

Currie Silver said...


Currie Silver said...

I really enJOY it and yes, I have so many pictures of her. And I keep taking more!!! Oh well, it's a good addiction I suppose!! This project is my way of rounding them up into something that will, I hope by 2013 BE a perpetual calendar.
Oh, and mistakes are good!! I heard that somewhere in a class and I always encouraged my kids to delight in their mistakes when I was a teacher. I'd have them circle them and told them NOT to erase. It is our mistakes that teach us the most and I am a BIG mistake maker!!

Tamoonstone said...

I just came across your Blog via CED and it is such a beautiful idea to have a daily photo and appreciation of your dog Grace, she is so gorgeous. I have 2 black labs who I absolutely love. Dogs are so special and really do brighten every day!

Currie Silver said...

Yes, it IS such a fun project, a way of revisiting Gracie's blessings in my Life. And she just keeps on blessing it and ME!!